Yes, Roger Higman, it helps. This is why we want to call Hawken’s study the "almost" comprehensive plan to reverse global warming. The urgency of fertility reduction is precisely so that any of the gains that might be achieved on Drawdown’s other items are not undone by increased human demands beyond the modelling horizon. Population interventions are again included, but this time under the single entry ‘Health & Education’, attributed 85.4 Gt CO2-eq emissions reductions. Our 2017 publication of Drawdown and our 2020 Publication of The Drawdown Review offer insight into how the world can take action to address climate change. Personally, I’d be reluctant to do anything that might appear to place the burden of responsibility for action on poor people in less developed countries (who pollute so little) – as that might appear to reduce the burden of responsibility on the wealthier people in developed countries (who pollute so much). Project Drawdown | 9,605 followers on LinkedIn. On Oct. 18-20, 2019, the Omega Center for Sustainable Living hosted a powerful array … I define the “population” issue as meeting the needs of individuals to have children as and when they decide. So why was this solution left out? The full book title is: ‘Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reverse Global Warming’. Likewise, energy taxes don’t seem to feature, which is odd, since they are usually thought of as an essential part of any solution. We’re used to,industry and our own Governments, presenting the data in ways that further particular agendas (e.g. It stripped away the complexity of how to respond to climate change, by cataloguing the hundred most impactful actions that could be taken, using existing technologies, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is also worth noting that Drawdown estimates only emissions reductions to the year 2050. They must not … We know this to be untrue: all instances of rapid fertility decline since 1955 have been associated with direct promotion of small families within national voluntary family planning programs. Is political correctness causing population efforts to be misdirected? Shutterstock. The weighted average carbon intensity of MSCI ACWI is 211.4 CO2-eq per $1 million sales, compared to 60.1 CO2-eq per $1 million sales for the same index but with a low carbon target. Furthermore, companies that are able to finance costs against their share prices and budgets are built on presumed future returns on those assets. This allows us to consider how the ensemble of solutions might work together, … and addresses interaction between solutions where possible.’. That the results are presented as an inventory of separate and additive items means that the benefits of interactions are attributed to one or other action, with little transparency. Population affects the scale of most of the emissions sources on their list, and hence the impact of most of the remediation actions. It is very difficult to incorporate all likely interactions, without introducing dangerously uncertain assumptions, and it is understandable that Project Drawdown does not do this comprehensively. The new presentation gives the impression that population growth is best minimised by indirect, rather than direct, interventions. Project Drawdown Team Extends Its Reach Our staff and fellows are actively involved in climate solutions outreach, as shown here at the Keeling Curve Prize event in Colorado, 2019. Drawdown is a critical turning point for life on Earth, and we must strive to reach it quickly, safely, and equitably. Increasing flows to sustainable business models and restricting flows to unsustainable business models are imperative for this planet's future — and from an economic perspective as well. Less obvious was that, when taken together, these two constituted the greatest single contribution of all, at 119 Gt. 90 talking about this. Further argument in my book “A Matter of Life and Death”. For calculation purposes, we estimate that the average allocation of equities in an equity fund is defined by the MSCI All Countries World Index (MSCI ACWI) containing the universe of both developed and emerging markets. The result is a list of 80 solutions … Roger, thanks for your comments. Increasing flows to sustainable business models and restricting flows to unsustainable business models are imperative for this planet's future — and from an economic perspective as well. The UN human rights charter, affirmed in the Cairo Programme of Action on Population and Development, states that parents should be able to choose their family size ‘freely and responsibly’. As the word ‘comprehensive’ suggests, a lot of work has gone into researching and developing the suite of solutions. Latest Project Drawdown news in Bangladesh. Our task is to define the issues the way we want to. And yes, that includes China, where most fertility decline occurred under a voluntary program in the decade before the one-child policy was introduced. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The text in this section is mainly an attempt to ward off criticisms for including such an item at all. From Project Drawdown’s initial collaborative research project on the most substantive solutions to reverse global warming comes Drawdown Europe, an initiative of the German Energy Agency (dena), European Climate Foundation and Climate-KIC. The economic benefits of smaller families have been deliberately discredited, just as its relevance to emissions reduction has been. The longer our time-frame, the more important are this decade’s birth reductions. I suspect it was for two reasons. We need to listen more to the people, especially the women, that we are trying to “advise”. Surely “promoting” is not the answer. 42% more money when you invest in sustainable leaders. National security adviser Robert O’Brien also touted the drawdown … Drawdown - Der Begriff bezeichnet den maximalen Wertverlust bis zur Wiedererreichung des Ursprungswertes. conflating power with energy in order, to exaggerate the potential impact of nuclear new build). The cumulative growth rate in global AUM is 7.33 percent annually, compared to the growth rate in ESG assets at just 4.66 percent. To his credit, Paul Hawken drew attention to this fact in talks on the project, particularly in his appearance on Damon Gameau’s uplifting climate-solutions movie ‘2040’. Note that the UN’s low-fertility projection is an outcome-based projection (achieving half a child per woman fewer births globally), not based on the policies or actions required to achieve that outcome. Emissions are compared with a baseline, no-climate-action scenario. If investors do not reevaluate the current capital flows to companies unwilling or unable to diversify their business models in line with a 2 degree Celsius scenario, investors are in effect expecting returns on assets in companies that eventually must be written off for the planet to be safe. Since 2015, Project Drawdown’s global research team has conducted rigorous research and generated meaningful models of potential climate solutions. Drawdown is better than nothing, but we need bolder leadership out of the PC wilderness. Drawdown is the world's most comprehensive plan to reverse global warming. Increasing flows to sustainable business models and restricting flows to unsustainable business models are imperative for this planet's future — and from an economic perspective as well. Drawdown is the world's most comprehensive plan to reverse global warming. Control over births should be in the hands of individual women and men, not “us” controlling “them”. Thanks Ed, yes those two do help, but are not enough without promoting smaller families, which really are the greatest way out of poverty for high-fertility countries, as well as the most effective way to reduce global population growth. Our mission is to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the point in the future when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline, thereby stopping stopping catastrophic climate change — as quickly, safely, and equitably as possible. The Drawdown Review states, ‘People’s choices about how many children to have should be theirs and theirs alone. The drawdown of the senior debt facility is an important milestone in the construction schedule which is on-track to pour first gold in Q2 2021. It has more to do with the question of who pays and who gains (and possiblity also the complexity of the issue). Likewise, energy taxes don’t seem to feature, which is odd, since they are usually thought of as an essential part of any solution. Thor Announces First Drawdown of Project Finance Senior Debt Facility and Project Update. It is an exceptional coalition of some of the sharpest thinkers on climate and energy issues, a research and communication project that has the potential to save the planet. "Drawdown" calculates that an increase in onshore wind from 2.9 percent of world electricity use to 21.6 percent could reduce emissions by 84.6 gigatons of carbon dioxide and create a net savings of $7.4 trillion from business as usual by 2050. That is why the story of ‘we are with too many’ must always be included. But they’re not allowed to know this, because the “don’t blame the poor” vigilantes close off the conversation. Most discussions on solutions to climate change are too centered on renewable energy and electric vehicles. That means that these markets with the low carbon target are 72 percent less carbon intense. Onshore wind power, utility-scale solar power, reduced food waste: These are just the first three of Project Drawdown’s plan to end the climate crisis with existing technologies. Women carry the burden of contraception – is this sexism or just physiology? Furthermore, he gave "regular people" a more nuanced understanding of what they can do for the climate. Providing and promoting family planning is not “placing the burden of responsibility” on people in poor countries, it is providing the absolutely most essential component of their path out of poverty. Normally doing … Personally, I’d be reluctant to suggest that aid to a country like Uganda, which has a lower population density than the UK, should be tied to family planning if the Ugandan Government thought otherwise. The Drawdown Review and this website present an overview of climate solutions in hand—now, today—to reach Drawdown and begin to come back into balance with the planet’s living systems. Drawdown simply split the resulting emissions equally between ‘education for girls’ and ‘family planning access’, on an entirely arbitrary basis. And then there is the fraught issue of whether and when donor countries have a right to say how aid money to other countries is spent. But it leaves me thinking we may be “overthinking.”. Perhaps it would help if, as a former climate campaigner for a major international ngo, I explained why I think so many climate campaigners are reluctant to talk about population. Hawken’s result was indeed surprising. If fully implemented by 2050, they offer no subsequent reductions. Both scenarios shown here are plausible and economically realistic. As individuals, our ability to steer our pensions and savings is a powerful way of solving the puzzle. Or simply “meeting the need for planning the number of children”. Nattapol Sritongcom. Project Drawdown is the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming. “Project Drawdown shows how this can be done in a way that encourages cooperation, understanding, and action. This provision is being withheld, by myths carefully cultivated by opponents to contraception and women’s emancipation, and ardently reinforced by well-meaning people like you. I suspect most climate campaigners would support greater public funding for girls’ education and family planning advice – although many of us live in countries where girls are educated and there is family planning advice. The answer has nothing to do with timidity (have you ever tried to justify higher fuel taxes to a group of irate truckers?). This importance is unstated in Drawdown. There are strong ethical arguments on both sides of that debate. education, and free contraception would be the most effective global warming measures for the dollar. In contrast, the link between girls’ education and fertility tends to be weak, once co-determinants (such as parents’ socioeconomic status and support for gender equity) are taken into account. It is good that Drawdown includes some treatment of population and family planning, when so few do. Remember, overpopulation is also “an intragenerational and intergenerational injustice” – as well as an interspecific injustice. Most of its ‘solutions’ are one-off transitions from current practices (such as electricity generation moving from coal to renewables, diets changing from meat-rich to meat-free). But we are yet to see honest and accurate attention given to the role of proactively reducing birth rates in minimising climate change. Promoting smaller families must really be included in an integrated approach towards solving overpopulation, right next to family planning, education and more rights. 01.12.2020 | GlobeNewswire. I invite you to read a more detailed response here: Three years ago, he published a best-selling book, ‘Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming’. It’s unusual too to hear talk of ‘reversing’ global warming. But ‘Health and Education’ is one item that is not varied. This political correctness is not a defence of equity, it is actively harming people in high-fertility countries. drawdown THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE PLAN EVER PROPOSED TO REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING edited by Paul Hawken ‧ RELEASE DATE: April 18, 2017 Project Drawdown uses different scenarios to assess what determined, global efforts to address climate change might look like. Jane So, allow me to give you an introduction to the flows of capital and the climate solution embedded in the financial sector. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Current Demographic Trends, and Future Projections, Organizations Dealing with Overpopulation, Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming, The Drawdown Review 2020: Climate Solutions for a New Decade, the link between girls’ education and fertility tends to be weak, profoundly humanitarian history of the voluntary family planning movement, an area the size of Germany in Africa alone,, ‘A Life on Our Planet’: Attenborough’s recipe and human reluctance — Chronicle of a failure foretold. Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming is a 2017 book created, written, and edited by Paul Hawken about climate change mitigation.Other writers include Katharine Wilkinson, and the foreword was written by Tom Steyer.. He showed that switching to renewables is just one among many equally effective actions. The program featured Bill McKibben ( ), Lynne Twist ( Pachamama Alliance ), Katharine Wilkinson and Chad Frischmann ( Project Drawdown ), Karen Washington ( Rise & Root Farm ), Lauren Zullo ( Jonathan Rose Companies ) and Dan Zarrilli ( NYC Mayor’s Office ). 1 solution to climate change and the effects are larger than rooftop solar, solar farms, afforestation and electric vehicles combined. But there is no evidence that these interactions were studied, let alone reported on. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! In fact, according to our calculations, had Hawken included sustainable savings in his study, it would have come out as the No. As such, if the capital were reallocated to sustainable alternatives, it can be estimated that a reduction of 96.46 gigatonnes of CO2-eq could be achieved. Obscuring in this manner the multiple climate benefits that fewer people could provide is par for the course, but a missed opportunity.

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